About Dr. Brig


Dr. Ray Brig is a New York native who received his undergraduate and medical degrees in New York, graduating from New York Medical College in 1987. Dr. Brig completed his internship and residency at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in 1990, followed by a year as Chief Resident with a focus on internal medicine. From 1991-1993, Dr. Brig completed a fellowship in hematology and oncology.

The Choice

Choosing oncology as his specialty because he believed it was a field that would change most dramatically over his lifetime as far as the ability to provide successful treatments for major cancers, Dr. Brig sought to make an impact in the lives of his patients. As treatments have evolved and breakthroughs in oncology become more and more prevalent, Dr. Brig is satisfied that practicing as an oncologist is one of the best choices he could have made.

A Cancer Survivor Himself

In addition to his commitment to patients, Dr. Brig attributes some influence on his decision to practice as an oncologist to the fact that he is a 38-year cancer survivor. Much of his high school career was spent in treatment for a Ewing’s Sarcoma found on his spine. As a teen, Ray Brig underwent surgeries, radiation, and a year and a half of chemotherapy.

The Goal

While Dr. Brig has practiced in Knoxville for more than 20 years, he recently began his own practice in an effort to maintain one-on-one patient care and offer more personalized treatment. “The goal,” says Dr. Brig, “is to enhance patient care experiences while improving their health outcomes” Dr. Brig’s patients will have access to a wide array of treatment options, including in-office chemotherapy treatments, with possibilities of participation in clinical research also on the horizon.