For the second year in a row, I am a Power in Purple ambassador for the American  Cancer Society.  This year has been especially meaning to me.  I am now a 40-year survival of cancer, my brother is currently battling lung cancer and my cousin completed adjuvant therapy for high-risk colorectal cancer.    I know everyone is either directly or indirectly affected by this disease.  New cancer therapies are evolving on a regular basis.  We have seen an influx of immunotherapy which is beginning to revolutionize how we will take care of patients in the future.  Please donate to TEAM BRIG- just click the link below.  Any donation will be appreciated.

With Our Help, You Can Beat Cancer.

At The Office Of Dr. Ray Brig Center For Cancer Care And Survivorship based in Knoxville TN, we’re committed to providing our patients with the comprehensive cancer care and personal support they deserve. Whether it’s offering the latest innovation in cancer treatment through research or simply a shoulder to lean on, we empower our patients with the tools and information they need to successfully combat their illness.

The Office Of Dr. Ray Brig Center For Cancer Care And Survivorship patients receive the highest-quality, comprehensive cancer care from an experienced oncology team of specialists dedicated to pursuing leading-edge oncology excellence and the most effective, evidence-based treatments available.

Consultations And Evaluations

Provide assessment, evaluation and management of solid tumors, hematologic cancers and other related blood disorders.

Treating The Cancer

Personalized planning and Education utilizing innovative genetic profiling when needed. Providing an environment that is patient friendly and professional.

The Brig Center For Cancer Care Is Actively Conducting Clinical Trials

What Are Clinical Trials

Phases of Clinical Trials